How Climate Affects Your Face & Facial Rejuvenation

I grew up in Pennsylvania, on Lake Erie - where the climate was very humid.
In my late thirties, I moved to Louisiana where it was extremely humid and lived there for eleven years.

Nearly five years ago I moved back to the state of Wyoming, which has a semi-arid climate.

Yes, you can get facial punishment by wind and other climate conditions, but I am convinced working in an office which has low humidity, especially in Winter when many have the heat blasting, is a huge contributing cause to facial wrinkles!

Hey, heres one idea I haven't tried - Facial Yoga for wrinkles!
You do yoga exercises with your face!

In June, 1911, Science Daily Dot Com reported that a news study found that the worse a woman's skin wrinkles are during the first few years of menopause, the lower her bone density is.  Here is the link to that article:


Also, in March, 2010, Science Daily reported that significant changes in facial bones -- particularly the jaw bone -- occur as people age and contribute to an aging appearance.

Wow!  Always something as a contributing factor, ey?

Here is the link to that article:


In August, 2007 Science Daily reported that multiple, distinct compartments of fat in the face age at different rates:


And in June, 2008 Science Daily reported that rejuvenating newly identified fat compartments in the facial cheeks can help reduce the hollowed look of the face as it ages:


Surprising, isn't it that a website like Science Daily has so many articles about facial rejuvenation!  They posted an article recently in February, 2012: 
"...Dermatologists can use fillers or lasers to correct the most notable signs of aging and can recommend skin care products with added ingredients that can further repair damaged skin."

Here is link to that article: